General Competition Terms:

  1. Buying is not necessary to participate in competitions organized by Backamo Chocolate.
  2. Each contest contains information about when the competition ends and when and how the winner is announced.
  3. All competitions are decided by our internal jury consisting of staff at Backamo Chocolate, the decision is final and need not be justified.
  4. What is considered a qualified competition entry is decided by the jury.
  5. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash.
  6. To be able to win a competition you must live in Sweden and be able to supplay a valid Swedish address to wich we can send the prize.
  7. We pay shipping for prizes within Sweden.
  8. Competitions are held primarily via Facebook and Instagram. All requirements for participation are provided in the competition entry.
  9. You may only participate in each competition once per person and media. (I.e if the same competition is active on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time, it is possible for the same person to participate in both competitions.)
  10. Winners will be contacted by us through Facebook or Instagram depending on in which media the competition is held.
  11. Backamo Chocolate reserves the right to replace the original prizes with another product of equal or higher value if problems arise in delivering advertised product.
  12. By participating in the competition, you agree that Backamo Chocolate has the right to publishes your name on Facebook, Instagram and
  13. Participants under the age of 18 must have promission from their custodian.
  14. By participating in the competition you agree to these General Competition Terms.
  15. Backamo Chocolate employees and family members of Backamo Chocolate employees cannot win any competitions organized by Backamo Chocolate.

Winners of previous competitions:

Facebook competition 8-13 Febuary:
Susanne Melin
Sofia Wickstrand Linhem

Instagram competition 8-13 Febuary:
Samantha Claesson
Kattis Iveblad