Since 2019 we are using Belgian Barry-Calleabut as our supplier. We enrich the chocolate in our factory in Hallsberg, and the result is, in our opinion, one of the finest chocolate products in the world! The content is nothing more than our topping, organic cocoa, organic sugar and organic cocoa butter! Not a single thing added.


Several of our ingredients (for example strawberries) are freeze-dried immediately after they are picked. Freeze-drying is the gentlest preservation technique available and it means that the strawberries are cooled down to between -5 and -50 degrees Celsius. When the strawberries are frozen, the pressure is lowered, which means that the frozen water is "steamed" away. This means that all water disappears from the strawberries while retaining all the nutrients. The reason behind doing this is because the products retain their good taste and their important vitamins and minerals for longer periods of time.


The fact that our products are organically produced means, among other things, that organic seeds have been used at the cultivations and the crops have been grown with variation. No mineral fertilizers that have unnatural origin and no chemical pesticides or genetically modified organisms have been used.


The cocoa tree (Theobroma Cacao) needs at least 24 degrees Celsius and rainy climate to thrive. It also thrives best at between 400 and 600 meters of height, above the Ocean. In order to grow flowers, the tree needs to be at least three years old, from about 1 000 flowers it forms a single fruit and in this fruit you can find between 50 and 60 beans.

In order to get to the cocoa, the fruits are picked and the cocoa beans are then separated from the other parts. These beans are then fermented for between one to six days, after which they are dried. The dried beans are then roasted at the same time as left-over peel etc. is removed. What is left of the beans is called nibs. The cocoa nibs are then pressed, heated and mixed with cane sugar and cocoa butter.