This food policy applies to all products manufactured by Backamo Choklad.
All food purchased by Backamo Choklad must be ethically and sustainably produced. This means that workers shall receive fair wages and conditions, no child labour and no forced labour shall have occurred at any stage of the process.

A clear quality and environmental approach shall permeate the work with the products, from the procurement of raw materials to sales. The products shall be aesthetically pleasing as well as unique.


The food policy should clarify the conditions we at Backamo Choklad work under.

Traceability of ethical production

All suppliers must be able to guarantee that workers, at all stages of production, have had decent working conditions and that there has been no child labour or forced labour. This applies to both suppliers and any subcontractors.

Traceability of organic production

All suppliers of raw materials to Backamo Chocolate must guarantee that the products are produced organically. The suppliers must be documented and compiled, after which they must be presented to the relevant inspection body in Sweden.

Food handling

The products must comply with current requirements for safe food handling.
The products produced must be as nutritious and appealing as possible, both in appearance and taste.
All employees involved in the production of chocolate must have undergone our internal training in food handling.